Unable to delete text on home page
Hello everyone,
Ebeziers.fr on my site, I had to mishandling, I find myself with a double page and on it a huge text that I can not remove either with IE or Mozilla Firefox .
If someone has a solution, I am a buyer.
Bonne continuation à tous.
Best regards.
Author : Jean-Marie
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Creation : 2010-02-12
Delf said ...

efective there is a large text.
For my part, I can not help you.
Contact KingEshop by mail.

Jean-Marie said ...
Delf thank you, I already contacted KingEshop, and he was done as a response to address the forum.
Thank you.
Best regards.
yvon said ...

Is it you who created these great works?

whether it is possible to remove

When we text, and then we want to modulate it, enlarge or shrink when we do this manipulation, there is a yellow field which is highlighted on the text that we wrote.

Sometimes, by modulating the text, only part of it (the text), remains with the yellow fields.

example: I make a text of 10 lines.

I close

I module and in doing so, the yellow fields is on the 1st line of the text when it contains 10 lines.

if I want to find and open it, it absolutely must be positioned on the first line, then you must browse what you want to remove (among others I think the big black letters) as accurately as possible (near millimeter) for find the point or you can open the text to edit or delete it.

forgiveness for those explanations may be a little confusing, but I used several times to remove or revise a text, and I had to look before they reopen.

Sometimes the yellow fields of another text that is near and beyond keeps you from finding the desired opening point.

Do not hesitate to move the texts to hand power to get out.

Sorry, I can not do better.

good luck

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