Transfer of messages by e-mail
there a way to be informed by e-mail submission of a message on a category or a static page, and also established a command but not paid?
Brief Am I required to connect to the administration interface to see if a message is waiting for validation?
Thanks to those who know.
Other grievances: why are there are no search engine in this forum? It would save us a lot of time at all. Rendering on page 11 I gave up.
Author : Stéphane
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Creation : 2009-11-04
Delphine said ...

but you must be logged in to your admin to be informed of new messages, comments ...
KingEshop said ...
Hi Stéphane,

Our system does not send e-mail when you receive a new message or a new sale, you must log in to see your administration. Anyway, it is not longer for you to connect to your administration and your box of e-mail.


KingEshop Team.
Stéphane said ...
Using Windows Live Mail my mail accounts including 7 updates every minute, while a session with King E-Shop will cut about 20minutes after no activity.
So if it is obviously more long and heavy for me and any user of KES us connect to our terminal KES to check our messages (enter the address of the account KES + password + verification code + click STATS + MESSAGE click).

Nevertheless thank you for your reply.
Best regards,
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