To all those who put their signature site
Hello everyone,
The questions came to me when I wanted to ask the opinion of kingeshopiens.
Have not you afraid that you will pique your ideas (layout, formulas ...)?
Asking questions and to address eShop will be detrimental in the future if your client falls over?
< br /> it just to get your opinion. thank you
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Creation : 2009-11-12
jenny said ...
Yes personally I think it can be harmful when you post certain subject

as I sell anything like this happen?

if a client falls over I'm not sure this will encourage the us buy something
Anonymous said ...
that's why I always write anonymous ... even if there is no harm in asking questions on a forum.
Delphine said ...
Anonymous, nothing prevents you from putting your name as you not give the address of your shop.
Or you do not choose the name of your store speudo.
Anonymous said ...
Delphine you're right, but as I named my site using my nickname, it could fall over next to my messages.

Anyway, It's not as if it were the CEOs of these shops chatting lol.

So we do not criticize customers ...
yannick said ...
what's more normal to ask questions when we start a shop? That is what this forum is not it? customer or not they understand very well I think ....
Now Taking ideas to the right or left is already all over the forums it does not mean that we should go into a paranoid, the goal is to add his personal touch, while the world does not sell the same and therefore can not take your dress shop .. Finally, I may be wrong but I see Me like this;)
Anonymous said ...
yannick yes there is no problem to seek help on this forum but I think the question was posed in the sense that we say for example that no visitors or that it is X time and still no sale, or is it X months and only after sale etc. ...

I agree with Anonymous who asked the question. Otherwise, there is no problem to ask why they can not shift an image or I do not know what. You understand what I mean ..
yannick said ...
yes I totally understand now if there is no sale after a XXX must be reviewed at referencing, advertising, layout products etc. ...
Delphine said ...
It is clear that the 2 anonymous are not wrong.
It made a bad pub to the address of his shop and say that nobody is above or no sale.
Anyone can fall over.
I never set the address either
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