Tips for phots products (multiple)
Well, after much research on the forum and FAQ KES well the proposed solution to have multiple angles on a product that is a photo montage was The GIMP! Then I started but not super gifted computer, I quickly left pass.
So I found another combination (if one can call it that) is just paint.
procedure (easy):
You open an image of your product with paint (right click and open with paint)
you enlarge the frame (white)
in the Location bar 'tools on the left you clik on the dotted rectangle (select)
you made a square on your page in the white space (it will select)
you clik right and you stick to select from.
.. and you can pick up your computer a new image
and so on ....< br /> I hope this will help those who have some difficulty (as I)
Bonne continuation to all and good sales.
Author : Anonymous
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Creation : 2009-10-28
Anonymous said ...
it is still paint?? pfffff for more than 10 photos of a product it is better to make a gif with such animgif you can go all the photos you want after that scrolls by itself
Nono said ...
Thank you for your tip, I too am not a pro and all tips are good to take!
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