Thank you for giving me your opinion on my new online store

I started - just recently - the shop

For me, of course, is the most beautiful site ;-)

But the important thing is YOUR OPINION!

Thank you in advance and see you soon

Author : chiffonn
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Creation : 2010-07-27
SergeD said ...
Sorry to disappoint you, but the homepage is not really attractive, your four photos that overlap is not great, and I guess that's you a picture, it did nothing to make, put it in contact, or profile if you wish, by your photos cons of products are well presented, your URL does not work it always falls on

koumy said ...

My first impression:
What's that. ... ben my time. .. It sells these bouboulles!
My final response (after reading your manufacturing technique) = why should I pay for a product that I can do myself, it gives me the technique!!

I said my good time. .. she wants to sell.

The site is nice. .. But. ... I leave room for the opinions of others.

If you sell I'll say bravo. ...

Good continuation
a said ...
Well sorry lack of ........ all
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