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Hello, I have a big concern today with my shop ... I
fewer visits and checking my shop today, I realize with disappointment that all texts my homepage is changed! Sentences in disorder and / or capital by here and there. Thus, this does not mean anything ...
I immediately corrected, but I'm afraid it again because I do not know where it comes from! Is this since I added. Gif? Saurriez you enlighten me?
Thanks to all.
Marilyn (www.jarretieredemariee.com)
Author : Marilyn
Readings : 518
Creation : 2009-10-26
Anonymous said ...
no, it is as it should, except that links in your homepage does not work
Marilyn said ...
Thank you for your response anonymous but I have actually corrected this morning. For cons, I just noticed the problem and links have also therefore be corrected. But mostly I know what caused it so that it does not start ...

Again thank you.

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