Tella running your shop?
Everything is in the title.
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Creation : 2009-11-12
sandy said ...
hello, my shop is open for a long time but still no sale, a lot of hits off of search engines but nothing going to buy my domain, it can be in there a impact.mon site is a little rough but despite my efforts, I do not understand much about internet.
surely it must improve the site again and wish you good luck and can not help you more, put the site address may be that other people can you is very good advice that comes out of this forum.
Delphine said ...
And yours?
If you want to compare, AC is useless.
Everything depends on what each offers.
If you work only with his shop, or if it has other sales system ...
sandy said ...
I wanted to compare in any case, I already ask for advice and tips for my site I know where I question your Shop works Tella? I responded to, I do not see the problem.
Anonymous said ...
thank you Sandy and Delphine.

To answer your response Delphine, I do nothing to compare. I just wanted to know what the felt each from its own shop. I fully agree with Sandy in the fact that faye work again and again to improve its e-shop.
I could put my question differently: what is your job pay?

Good continuation for you.
flkkml said ...
hello to everyone
Well to answer that question my shop running to? Nope
I have very little access and no sales for now, open for about 2 months
by cons I just google me he has visited 108 pages of my site!
I'll buy my domain name and I'll see if it pays ......
for now my url is
but I noticed that many people have called their site as ca
then I'll rename
mind that I sell clothes well, something other hand it seems wiser and I have less competition on google last hope!
Anonymous said ...
ruedesoccasions I think it's great!
Delphine said ...
Sansy I wrote my post when yours was not there yet and it is not you whom I spoke.

Delphine said ...

rudesoccasions love.

For others, it should not feel agrsser.
What I meant is that each person who will give an answer to a shop that offers something different and suddenly I do not think it can give us ideas and say if it works, why not me.
Everything depends on advertising that is done and SEO, products and prices.
And also our homepage. Me, I see the difference since I have worked and yet it is still on top.
In any case, do not let go.
It is clear that the daily work but it pays when you always bump.
Good luck to everyone
Eric said ...
Yes work pays! My shop is open since July, I am Finally just 95 days and visits to my 68th order and a basket with 50 euros! I am very pleased with shops King e shop. For my part I have a blog related to what I sell, which allows me to generate traffic and I see my link to my shop on different forums. So far I have made no google ads, but I'm going to start now because I have stock ....
Go work out your SEO, your keywords, your text in the articles or descriptions of your items. Be there on the web, blog, forum ... and your business will suffer.
Good luck and good selling to all
Anonymous said ...
it's a bit naive to say we will rename its website with a particular name without having done it before, you may get bitten your idea of domain name ...
vincent said ...
Yes my shop opened recently, but it works very well and the shop dopt camping
nothing to say 20/20 for kingshop
Anonymous said ...
I am well-referenced but I have sold nothing. it discourages me and I do not want to go too
KingEshop said ...
Hi Anonymous,

If you decide to stop your activities, please write to us by e-mail to tell us. The address to contact us by e-mail :


KingEshop Team.
Delphine said ...

referencing does not do everything.
We must also make the pub.
It takes a lot of job shop casually.
Unfortunately, sales did not fall from heaven and we must cling.
anne said ...
KingEshop shops are very well optimized and well referenced, plus they are easy to implement through the GUI. So all the conditions are right for the shop and walk for you to make sales. Do not get discouraged. And if you really do not do it that your business is too competitive or your products do not interest visitors. Good day
elka said ...
For me, it works really well, I have full access and I can no longer provide!

Perhaps because of the holidays!

Anonymous said ...
I have created a small site without pretensions to help new sellers on the internet to find new suppliers and give some tips. After a few days and after having spoken to my website on relevant forums, dozens of visits per day, comments and even messages of thanks. I do not really expecting that but it is always nice.
Delphine said ...

I love your site.
Practical and funny at the time with your comments.
Great idea.
It would be nice for the wholesale nursery and the baby universe.
merci said ...
In the world of baby I lean over.

To store a walk sometimes it's just a lack of information
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