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Author : Hervé
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Creation : 2009-10-16
Nono said ...
Hello Herve, I flew over your shop. At first glance it is a bit much on the first page (I am a believer in simple and clear) and I am not a fan of the typography that casts a shadow. by-cons, you have a large selection of products and I find the right advice appreciated. I think it's a good thing to give free advice to customers and share his expertise. it certainly puts them in confidence. For clothing, I do not really understand their presence in your mix (there is expected to cosmetics), especially since it's not organic cotton.
I hope my criticism will serve some purpose. Good luck!
sebito said ...
Hello Herve, here's my little message for your site.

Too much load, we lose ourselves, looked at the following link, it is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :

Good continuation for the future.

Delphine said ...
I found the homepage super pro and I'd like to achieve a result like this! Same, I do not see the report of a clothes shop cosmetics.
LAD said ...
I found your shop enough for professionals but I think it is unnecessary to ex links: baby products etc. on the homepage since they are found on the left column. I think you should find another image to the phone or put a picture instead of the phone because it is very retro. (under construction)
Anonymous said ...
I think you have enough clothes to make a website to share, right?
Hervé said ...
Thank you to you for responding.
It is indeed provided a second shop where I put the clothes.
Thank you for your participation and if all other comments flesh out the first they are welcome.
Hervé said ...
That is one change: I removed the links on the homepage.
For this, we do not change, we love this retro style.
Thank you.
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