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I am creating my shop, but I have some worries.
In static pages, I can not resize windows text. My text appears on so short paragraphs ...
Then I wanted to insert images from different views, so I followed the advice found on the forum: download GIMP. But the format the image created is not recognized by KingEshop. How do I do?
My third concern. My shipping costs are cumulative, and c t is not what I want. I know this question has already been asked, but I did not understand the answer or the help of the FAQ. Thank
Author : Caroline
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Creation : 2009-10-16
philippe said ...
the question you posed, I have already answered, not long ago, if you want to learn and discover, learn, too, has come often or even every day, read news,
So you click on the arrow above left ctrl, and without letting go after you click with your cursor and your text you STRETCHED
for format, must have another program that you transform the training, then you can
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