I would like to know if it is possible to divide the categories into sub categories, or to combine several categories under one title?
There is indeed much more difficult for me to work only in categories, because I have very many different models to offer.
Thank you in advance for your response!
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Creation : 2010-03-03
KingEshop said ...

It is not possible to create sub-categories but you can create up to 50 categories.


KingEshop Team.
Delf said ...
Hello KingEshop,

Is it feasible that one day?
Thank you

Delphine of bébés fringueurs
Kingeshop said ...
Hi Delf,

It is a function we would like to add in the future, but we can not give you a date.


KingEshop Team.
Delf said ...
Thank you for your reply.
For my part, I stride, and without it would be just a little more.

Anyway thank you again for your work.
rainette74 said ...
just signed up and read all the posts especially those concerning the advice to keep customers on the site over 10 minutes and I must admit that the sub categories for me are super important to keep customers.
50 categories but it is very heavy and we lost.
Bravo for your work and lots of thank you but do it quickly FOR THOSE IN CATEGORIES
JP said ...
Firstly, thank you for your work and your site everything is very simple but I agree rainette74 and Delf; sub categories I would also very important for the same reasons cited above.
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