Store opened in July
Hello, I opened in early July about 15 visits per day was commissioned
Tell me what you think of my shop and Tella pleasing to the eye, the pictures
ps thank you (your review its good to come)
Author : doudouetmoi
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Creation : 2009-10-12
olivier said ...
I just go to your shop. Me, I find it very well. For cons, I have not watched all your products, but those that I looked, you note in the description as new. They are cuddly hand?
doudouetmoi said ...
yes I have marked as new because I think it is bad time ....
but under our blankies and it says they have never served
I hope I answered your question olivier
thank you
Anonymous said ...
hello doudouetmoi,

be careful with spelling mistakes! and I think it's better to say birth gift birth gift because it's weird to say. Otherwise, the site is not bad but in rereading the second time I saw other misspellings. If you can, take 2 different people who you connect and see what you probably did not see.
Good luck and good sales!
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