I take the example of having 6clause 3rose and 3vert.Je puts 6clause in stock and in my option I must mete:
- pink, pink, pink, green, green, green to 6 article <br /> or
- pink, green
whether a person chooses a color that ca is removed or the option is just that the stock decreases
I not know if I am clear
thank you in advance for your help
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Creation : 2009-10-26
promotique said ...

The options have no impact on the stock, they are just information or clarification for the vendor about the product chosen by the buyer.

To manage your inventory, it will create 2 files produced with 3 pieces available in each:
1 sheet pink product with 3 items in stock.
1 sheet green product with 3 items in stock.

Best regards
Delphine said ...
In your options, you put just after the color.
For the stock, if you put 6, the software will not know what color.
it is for you to carefully follow your stocks based on your sales
Nono said ...
I have a problem somewhat similar to anaphele: example: I have a body but in 2 colors with various sizes. I encoded the colors with sizes (ex: blue size 62 blue size 68 pink size 68 pink size 74 ...)
So if a customer buys a certain size (and last) that one does not fade? If customers want to buy the following sizes: how will they know it is no longer available?
Delphine said ...
Indeed, it does not fade.
the only solution is to follow very closely its stocks.
the best is to put even a quantity like that, no matter the size, the product is no longer visible and ca leave you time to remove the size sold.

Well, I hope to be a pretty clear
Anonymous said ...
it will remove the stock items as and measure sales.

Since we do not sell dozens of items per day (I speak for myself) is feasible
Nono said ...
Thank you Delphine and Anonymous! I'm just not sure what customers see when they place an item in their cart. They must be able to click on the size they need, or how does that arises? So they may buy a model that is available, but in a size that no longer exists if ever I did not put the stock updated fast enough?
Delphine said ...
Yes, you understood everything
Therefore the ideal is to put a figure of stock in the number of each size.

ie, if you have one of each size, you do not put a quantity as not likely to sell in a size that you have more.
2 sizes of each, you put 2 quantities ...
Takes still reference your smaller stock size.

Well, hoping to be clear enough
Nico said ...

on the management of stock, we have 2 options:
-if stock = 0, then the product is visble but not buyable
-if stock = 0, then the product disappears

This option is indicated for each product, just above the insertion of a small picture.

Best regards
Nono said ...
Thank you Delphine. If I understand correctly, if I have a model in 4 sizes (one size, so 4 pieces) I put just 1 in quantity? In this case, I'd quickly to 0 while I still qs size model.
Isebike, thank you too. I am aware of this option, but it seems to me that this is not the solution to my current prob. I checked the product becomes invisible when it is sold (less confusion, the customer focuses on what is there)
And I still do not know what the customer sees on his side ... KingEshop, can you help us?
KingEshop said ...
Hi Nono,

The options have no impact on the stock. Stocks determine the total quantity of goods available, regardless of the options.


KingEshop Team.
Delphine said ...

you included.
Leplus is really simple to avoid having to reimburse customers for thou hast more of the product.
Nono said ...
sniff no, I do not understand! So KingEshop said he must put the amount of goods available, OK.
But here we have the following problem: I have 3 pieces of my models in stock and 3 sizes. 1 size is sold. Shortly after, a customer wants to buy the same size. The stock will be at 2 but there will always be visible in 3 sizes. Since I'm not 24/24 on the PC, I will not blot the size sold immediately. the other client, what does he see his side? Can control the size sold?

Delphine said instead to place the figure 1 in stock if I have one piece per size. But if I sell a size of 3 and I am not directly update the customer based will not even see the product (in the examples I chose the option that the product is invisible, it seems that is the most obvious option ... but if I'm wrong, tell me!)

So now no solution seems perfect ... who found better?
Delphine said ...

actually if you put 1 in stock product will no longer be visible.
and actually if you put 3 in stock, size sold is always visible.

Up to you what you prefer.
take the risk to repay a client because no size oune not have your produts listed a few hours.

It is for you to come very regularly on your shop.
Delphine said ...
Re nono,

the best is to create in this case a product color and size.
but I find that it is not very pro.
Nono said ...
piouuuf yes, and what job fool! Perhaps there is there other solutions ...?
I expect more answers ...
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