Still not visible on Google
I create my shop here three weeks and I'm still not in google, how come? thank you
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Creation : 2011-02-12
KingEshop said ...

Please read these two articles very carefully, it is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :


KingEshop Team.
Ghett'Sa said ...
Good evening,

What is your url for your online store?

Anonymous said ...
I do not understand I still do not see on google, the tag was set, would I have made mistakes on the site, I await your advice or comments, thank you
Anonymous said ...
Actually I'm not indexed, when I give my address you can go, but not in the search engine?? I must say that I do not understand

my address:
Anony Mouse said ...
There is no Google e tag on your site.
- Check that you correctly sent to KingEshop
Be patient, because I do not think there have 120 people working in KingEshop 24/24
- Make sure you validate at Google
- Once sent, installed and validated again be patient, because Mr Google treats thousands of pages.

Your site is remarkable for its simplicity, it immediately evokes what you sell: Art and Crafts. Beautiful pictures, beautiful staging.

A little advice, your keywords are often redundant, it will fix this. What is nice is that you put a lot in an order that only you can feel, but remember that search engines use these keywords as they arrive at a coherent story from the text pages and the first of these: the home page.
Yours is a little lean text, nothing more would be pleased to engines and continue to motivate visitors to certain items.
Your territories are not properly configured: Switzerland and the U.S. are certainly not a country where you sent automatically (at 5.50 euros!), check also the Dom-Tom.
Good sales
Anonymous said ...
thank you very much for all of its information.
I already gave my tag, there is a moment.
and I will take note of all your
thank you
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