Still not referenced
I posted my site October 18. I know I'm in a niche: selling hardware for the lace. I put the address of my site on two lace forum and I already had 119 hits and 1 purchase.
Unfortunately I'm still not referenced on google. The lace is not inscribed in all the forums and when they seek equipment they are looking for by keyword. I put these keywords in important data for research.
How can this SEO?
Thanks in advance
http://www.lavieendentelle.kingeshop. com
Author : Agnès
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Creation : 2009-11-02
KingEshop said ...
Hi Agnès,

Your site is very new, it takes time and hard work to get a good SEO. Please read this article very carefully, it is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :


KingEshop Team.
Agnès said ...
I followed your advice and hope that the referral will not delay too much to bring me the world on my site. Sometimes I do not understand everything. I'm no computer scientist and lace is sometimes very complicated.
Anonymous said ...
Hello Agnès, can you get the money from the butter and the dairy butter? KingEshop is a great tool on this we agree entirely but to appear on the first page google it does not just take advice without taking initiative ... also notice that you pay nothing ..... How much do you know the creation of a shop with guaranteed listing on a google 1st page? will request quotes and the word patience takes on its full meaning! also send you to al community for advice on your website both in content and quality of the feedback obtained would certainly advance voting site without be a computer! Good day and good luck.
Agnès said ...
was not looking for a first page on google but simply included. I am happy because today I referenced. Of course when I type the name of my shop I am on the front page because there is no other site with that name. When I type equipment sales dentellierje am on the 4th page. However, I am happy even if it is on the 4th page.
I did not ask for money from the butter and the dairy, but simply a referral.
If however you want to see my site and give me feedback, I'd be delighted.


PS: I did not understand the stories of feedback (I may be blonde, looool)
Anonymous said ...
agnes, I advise you to take a personal domain. ca will be easier both for yourself and for others who try to type in google the name of your site

and as KingEshop say, it gives greater credibility to Internet:)

ps: I found the message a little aggressive anonymous, right?
Agnès said ...
Thank you, but now I find it a bit difficult to take a domain name. I would see in a second time.

Absolutely. I found this message very aggressive, especially since my question was relatively simple. I just wondering a little help. A forum is good for it, helping others.
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