Still no sales?
For nearly a month since my shop is online, and I had not sold any yet I wonder what happens.
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there must be a problem My products are nice, the descriptions are well done ..
I do not really understand
Author : gezof
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Creation : 2009-10-08
celine said ...
Your site is very simple, there are no conditions of sale, you should make more category eg: body, face ... or soap, oil, ...

provide your group has no connection with your website or he would explain it.

Your product descriptions are actually very detailed, but you should skip a line for your paragraphs it will be a smoother playback.

Delivery postage is nothing to indicate the potential customers are sensitive to these things and this is most pro.

if you do not have the utility of some static page is best uncheck it avoids having empty pages and useless for your visitors you can have them back any time if you need it.

then it takes patience, you have a lot of traffic on your site?

I hope these tips will help you to boost your sales.

Best regards
gezof said ...
ok I thank you for that advice, have you ever had any sales you on your site?

you do not want to buy something now? (fun)
valeria67 said ...
No sales and very few visits for me too ... I get depressed!

Is that what my shop is not good?
Can you give me your opinion? Thank you ...
jenny said ...
TA stamp shop is very nice but may be you should take a domain name

other board your class postage you should bring it up because already in the making the sight of the customers tend to forget
valeria67 said ...
Jenny thank you for your advice ....
I would take into account
Best regards
Jenny said ...
OR sorry lots of typos in my post sorry
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