Still no sale
I do not understand why I do not sell anything. I corrected most errors that you reported me to my shop, but nothing is there. yet the products are not very expensive.
could you help me by giving me your opinions or advice please?
thank you in advance
Author : flo
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Creation : 2010-01-05
Cherokee said ...
Could you tell us the address of your site ... it would be easier to go and see.
flo said ...
oops, little oversight significant.

Here is réparé.merci give me a hand
Vincent said ...
Attention online stores is not magic if everyone has already opened his, Me I sell very well on the net but it is especially important if support you already have a store I sell 70% via Shop and market and 30% over the net that is the case for many.
We must persevere and make a real study of the market and what customers are targeted to advertise for free and pay TV markets do if your status allows the brief must set up an asset in your bag but if you just wait for customers via the net then I advice you to put a candle and asked to go every day because the competition is real and some sites are very competitive and best known.
Yvon said ...

I agree with Vincent, he must persevere, and the online store can not be the only source to offer its products. Personally, it's been ten years since I exercise my market activity of Roussillon, and the shop shall be supplemental and is a showcase for my products. Sales begin to rise, but after 9 months. Of course, each case is different depending on what you sell.

Good luck

Yvon (Huile d'olive)
bénébond said ...
I fully agree with the testimonies of the above, I do not sell much on the site, the site adds a little more, but you will not live on your earnings, especially during the beginning. Be patient, persevere. Reference on your site, talk to on forums ... you'll see that you have more visits and sales, it worked for me. It is true that according to what they sell is simple.

Good luck.
It is when one starts.
Delphine said ...
Bénébond thank you,

I do not know Qype.
it will give me a referral and more!
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