Small problem (as in a long column)

I can contact you because I have a small problem .... here is where I want to insert the
text published in my items, the text aligned left and that made me a long column instead of a sentence ...

Would you offer me a solution??

Author : Aby
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Creation : 2010-12-06
André said ...
I had the same problem in the homepage and section pages. Solution, move the text to the left press schniff ie the arrow button located below the one for capital letters on the keyboard and keep your finger pressed to put the mouse pointer over the text to support key press left mouse and drag the mouse left and the text will stretch. You choose the Dimension text, and save on (picture disk) Good luck
Anonymous said ...
must stretch the text by putting himself on the text and when you're on it you just hold the Shift key, which is below the key of the capital and keep the left mouse click at the same time and a two-way arrow appears, you just have to stretch the text to the right by moving the mouse to the right.
Do not release the mouse click and the shift key during the operation.
release them only when you feel your own text in place
aby said ...
Thank you so much to Andre and Anonymous !!!!! lol make sure it helps a lot ...
Anonymous said ...
Nothing is normal!
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