Shop online from this weekend: need advice
We just launched the online store yesterday.
Could you give us your opinions so we can improve the site?
The link is:
Knowing that we have not yet taken a domain name, we're not still not identify the search engines.
Thank you in advance for your answers.
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Creation : 2011-01-16
Mylène said ...

I entered your website address but it does not work.
ecig-arette said ...
Me it works
Your site looks pretty comprehensive, I think we just work to benefit the home page;)

I suggest you take a link exchange for better SEO;)
SG said ...
Thank you for your posts.
Mylene: I actually returns people who can not connect, I can not know what causes this?
Is the connection, a server problem?
I will look into this.
ECIG-ARETTE: home page a fair bit actually.
I take notes just to see how I can make it even more fun
Link exchange to study
Chti said ...
I arrived without trouble on your site. It is at its draft stage and you will certainly be complemented by more products and your other information. In my opinion, you should give the text in your homepage to encourage the purchase of products for the ambience perfumed. Text, color. For your products, you should also supervise by executives who are available in different variants to give your site even more color and warmth. But while the beginning is not easy. Cordially
maurice said ...
Following your email, I can confirm that at this time 7:14 p.m., I was not able to connect directly with Google.
SF said ...
Chti thank you for your comments.
The products will effectively extend its reach to every week.
I'll look for frames and add headings.
The texts will also be reviewed.
Thank you for your time you spend kindly.
Patricia said ...
Good evening I can not have you on the site injury. cordially.
SF said ...
Good evening and thank you for your visits!
It seems the Mariners make waves.
I put a link for those who can not log in, fingers crossed it works.
AND do not forget to leave feedback mostly. ;-)
See you on the forum
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