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Hello, I opened my shop on KingEshop 2 days ago. When I write on google search, no results found. Shop nonexistent! Es normal??
When I completed my GTS, shipping costs, payment method, photos, product descriptions, ..... Es that my online store will appear in search results of google?
Should I continue to build this shop or art I lose my time?
Thank you in advance to those who will enlighten me.
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Creation : 2011-01-14
KAGOUN said ...
hello, let time take its course after two days of google do not yet know that you exist! look at the FAQ kes on SEO

but do not worry it will come after that is sure to complement your site (GCS, number cnil, Siret, topics, etc ...) so that google finds

good luck

Anonymous said ...
also start by deleting your entry blank or update them!
Anonymous said ...
already do to put your products in your topics
Chti said ...
Yes it takes time but is what the toys for adults that is not too much. So many sites that do the same. You left a page with televisions. Good luck.
Petits Pas said ...
Well yes, Kagoun right, a little patience!
You will be listed much faster than you think, especially if you talk a little about yourself right to left, on Facebook, YouTube or any site or blog you know and whom you trust.

Good luck
Pepette said ...
Yes indeed it is just 2 days! I advise you before sending your ad to remove the camera and TV camera and put the corresponding products because if you already made the prospect of the pub and I just think they will come back before long. The homepage is nice anyway:)
Anonymous said ...
2 days only? this is normal for google you do not exist.

Paris was not built in a day.

At work and good luck.
Anonymous said ...
But how can you expect to be spotted? Not one item in your store of sex toys. It's odd. Small Youtube why not advise you in an empty site. By cons, an important element, the sale of such items is prohibited to minors, and you should be remedied by a disclaimer, because you may in my opinion.
Anonymous said ...
Allow 3 to 4 months to be very far on google after year to be needed in the first page or its listing has substantive work
Anonymous said ...
You have nothing to sell your site if google will refuse an entry blank and

when you go in you have TV dildo

condom you click you have laptop

your work site
choupi said ...
Thank you for your answers.
I know there are televisions, but two days I'm still in discovery of all functions. I was testing with it, and there to see what it looks visually. Feel free to give me your opinion, all ideas are good to take. I work every day and over again because I have more than 400 items of stock to bring it, I know I will be months before it looks like something right.
Anonymous said ...
There are some who have managed to find the site? Not me. Lol, I still waited more than 4 frac12; months, before seeking an opinion on this forum.

There is no secret, we must work tirelessly for the content it starts to be considered interesting. I only begin to be present in bing, in addition to google (recognized and visible after 3 weeks).

Then two days .... Come see us in 6 months.

Good night.
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