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Hi people,

I would like to charge different shipping cost depending on the region where the product is sent.

So far the easiest option I found to do that is cumulative shipping cost. I have that implemented now. Works like a charm when the customer only buys 1 product per order.

As soon as I want the customer to combine several products into his order, the other option is by weight. Then I can define shipping options per weight per region. But even if there is only one option available for the weight and region the customer has selected, the customer still has to select this single available option from a dropdown menu.

I have not chosen this method now because of this extra unneccesary click.

Is there anything easier that allows me to define sensible shipping cost per country without adding the burden of unnecessary clicks?

Or maybe... just maybe..... can this be changed in the interface? If there is only one shipping option which matches the criteria, automatically select it?

Author : Sumsel
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Creation : 2016-08-11
Anonymous said ...

Here are all shipping cost available:

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