Shipping cost
Hello everyone,

do not worry, I will not even open a topic on how to set up charges!

At first, I was operating in the article, but no customer selecting them and I had to contact them. He took no worries.
but not finding it pro, I moved to the area: the worries, selling clothes, I put small charges to customers as each take several but each time I found myself paying a portion of my pocket .

So I returned to the article.
I know for those who like me if any customers pick out the shipping cost.
How did you manage to make this understandable to your site.
For customers who do not select, do not you worry too much that they will add them.

I said that I can not aim to make inflated prices to offer for sale under the major part of the occasion, the client would have the impression that the product is expensive

Thank you for your answers
Author : Delphine
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Creation : 2009-11-30
Anonymous said ...
Hello, I work in the section and yet I did not worry because many customers will add them to the end of their order ... but I did
valeria67 said ...
oops the comment was posted too early by mistake!

I said that I had not yet had much command ....
good day
best regards
Delphine said ...
Thank you Valeria.

Did you do something specific that is clearly visible in your shop need to add them?
Anonymous said ...
Hello, under the heading, customers do not add shipping, which is not normal for them to do so. For my part, I've configured on Paypal.
The problem is that for payment by check ... well it works not! but as 95% of orders are paid by Paypal ... I have clients that checks to restart and it goes very well
Michel said ...
Good evening

For me it's a disaster! I tried the article, but it quickly becomes a gas works. I returned to the topic, jai an article on the homepage, inminquable well 3 of 4 do not click on it, as this is my first month I did not relaunch and it begins to be expensive, I sell Japanese grocery ( and there is heavy bottles and is expensive.
I wait a little longer since KingEshop said address the problem, then I have no interest to continue like that, I do not work for the Post Office!

I am taker good idea to move in good financial sense ..
Good luck to all.
Marc said ...
Good evening,
One in two or three forgotten to shipping, even when it is explained very well in first page and must be quite a raise, might lose some customers.
Customers have used it to do this automatically.
The team KingEshop promises from a little time to improve the calculation for shipping, it will be great when it will be effective.
In the meantime, thank you to them for their work that enables us to have a site on the net free of their shares.
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