Shipping cost
I need your help please now I want to know how it's calculated by purchasing multiple??
as I understand it goes amount compared instead
but normally it is the weight that the charges are calculated
therefore is that the costs are cumulative ?????????< br />
I do not understand this point
thank you for helping me
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Creation : 2009-11-15
Delphine said ...
you should put a price on each product.
So if a customer makes several products, it will be shipping that will be cumulative.
Me, I sell my clothes and suits me cumulation.
After all depends on what you sell
JoePT69 said ...
I have the same problem and I it does not suit me at all ... If someone has a solution, I'm interested ... Indeed, it depends on what you sell.
Thank you for bringing us your lights.
Anonymous said ...
Just do like me: the free shipping!
Anonymous said ...
thank you for your response
I did not see that the topic had been discussed, and ongoing resolution
So I either it does not suit me because I have heavy items
and very light

thank you even when
lol said ...
Indeed it is cumulative so KingEshop above works for some time that the port is taken into account depending on weight.
Missmo said ...
Maybe that would propose a package solution. The same amount regardless of weight. You certainly lose on the heavier but winning on the lighter. I live in Guadeloupe and I often order in France. Most sites offer a package for shipping no matter what I am. Cushion the blow for shipping (if there is no urgency for a particular product) I order the maximum product). And the seller wins anyway because I command a lot.
Eric said ...
The solution can also create items for postage that the client MUST add to the basket according to some criteria defined and explained this to use ...
Delphine said ...

that's what I wilt before and all their sales, no customer uploaded the product.
So I use the territories and preserve this technique for international.
Missmo said ...
También pensé en la solución de Eric. Creo que eso es lo que hago porque con el territorio, no acabo de ver cómo. Y la combinación no me conviene.
Eric said ...
For my part, if the customer prefers a registered letter (followed home in France from memory), it should add to her basketball precisely this object option registered mail. This is a simple example.
At the port in general must be inflating prices to cover them (which is not ideal) or apply a system of cumulative port means taking into account the destination (but depending on the type of object you sell) is creating a series of compulsory to add to his basket where the customer buys. Obviously in this case, we must explain it clearly to the latter. Namely such a polished narrative homepage (not heading) or the customer can choose the type of port it wants, depending on weight etc. ... It's crazy heavy but somehow it only makes your mailings more serious. I reminds you that it is always possible to refund the customer if it did not add port. It's heavy but somehow it also demonstrates to the customer that this is not greed in the strict sense but you want a good business relationship. (Explanation of reimbursement also explained in the same place) .. A free port is NOT the ideal because the client says automatically that you sweeten somewhere to cover so at the price of the product.
Believe in my experience
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