Sextoys or not?
Hello, I have a lingerie site online and I would add a few sextoys.
Someone told me that if I did, Google ranks my site in the porn or worse, could my blacklist and Farewell my referencing in lingerie? What is it exactly? Do I take more interest in another area specifically dedicated to sex toys? Thank you for your responses.
Author : Lucien
Readings : 764
Creation : 2009-10-05
Anonymous said ...

I do not see why you would be classified X if you sell some sex toys! The fears also sells !!!!...
Céline D. said ...
No better than Anonymous!
karine said ...
I think it depends on your photos
Anonymous said ...
google does not know watch the pictures, it takes into account the text of your site, and if your text is to porn fonts are very hard ...
Anonymous said ...
Hello, your question I am manager of a store sex toys on the internet, nya no problem regarding the listing, when al appearance in the search engines can take a long time, a little trick to be referenced quickly past an ad on a site known by the pub to be accessed, then searching on search engines it is found
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