Several requests for the creation of site
Hello everyone,

So voila, I'm taking up info before my start and my site, KingEshop seems a very good solution, I only ask myself some questions:

- Is it possible to change the order of tabs or there's the basket?

- Can you put custom header?

- Is it possible to set up system to have, or promotional code (has to give the time of payment for example)

I have more questions, but if I already want the answer to that latter, its reinforces my idea of using KingEshop.

Thank you in advance for all and good luck! :)

PS: One question that may seem silly, but I have not found a search function on the forum, is this normal? it avoids that the same queries succeed ...
Author : Alex
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Creation : 2009-12-02
Delphine said ...
1st question: I do not think this is possible.

2nd question: yes, you can put a custom header by contacting directly KingEshop that you will put in place.

3rd question: this is not possible but there are always ways to remedy them.

There is no search function for forum
Anonymous said ...
half of the FAQ answers are, but know it must look! ;-)
yehoud'Art said ...

it is not possible to change the order of the tabs but they are quite well positioned in my opinion .. Cart can be clearly seen with the other tabs .. it is shown that if you sell items online ...

at the base there is full of top all ready, but if you want to customize it to ask the responsible KingEshop.

no system of having, or promotional code pou r now ... we must not forget that the site is a site KingEshop TOTALLY FREE! it is quite interesting because it is an online store complete enough and you KingEshop offers many site template and everything is done to make things easier ... remains that may be lacking certain things such as codes, assets, and others, but everything comes at a time.

if you want it to be more complete than this, you will go to pay sites ..

best regards
Alex said ...

Firstly thank you to you for these answers. :)

@ Delphine: About good, have, etc ... when you talk about a way to remedy this, you could put on a track parcque I admit to not really understanding how ...?

@ Anonymous: To be simple, I have spent no less than 5.00 to read the forum articles, FAQs, etc. ... So in that I hear from people who ask questions without looking forward ... NO this is not true! (But when you learn many things at once, oversights can come!:))

@ Yehoud'art: I understand (read the FAQ for that matter!) That the basket was only available if line items are for sale, it was simply to push a little customization (for the square basket).

On the other hand, I specified that I tried to have maximum information, but I did not say that this was not normal that there have not as favorable responses to my questions Clearly this is a free tool that you have read, seems efficient (+ help that the team KingEshop), but as you say, things will probably over time (and applications !:))

PS: I found your site really well done! :)

Best regards
Delphine said ...
To the right, have, I send by mail gift certificates with code.
In explaining to a classical control to check the N in comment and wait comande confirmation from us before paying.
It's a bit laborious but it works very well.
I'm also a category sponsorship account fid and said again that the use of gift certificates.
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