Several choices for the same product
each of my products is presented in several colors. I want to know how to put radio buttons to specify whether the client chose the product black, white or red?
Thank you for your clarification.
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Creation : 2010-10-11
Anonymous said ...
I do not know what you call radio button, but in the form of the article you can put in the option box black, white, red and get your three colors.
Myr' said ...
Good evening,

We must go into the part where the item was created
(Admin - My products - Managing product [2x])
Then choose the category that is found in Article
Click on the code of the relevant article
Under the box where you have to describe the product
There is a field options (en)
Simply enroll the choices the customer must be able to
Separated by a comma, for example:
Blue, Black, Red, ...
Enroll them in alphabetical order or in the same order as the proposed colors on photos, I personally think it looks more organized.
I hope I was clear and understandable.

Good evening.
Noel said ...
Thank you very much!
It is very clear!

Good evening!

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