See what my shop looks like
I created my current site, is there a way to see how it looks without having to open the shop unfinished.
Author : Anonymous
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Creation : 2009-10-22
Dj Jackee X said ...
Hi ...
When you connect, you type your emal, then your password and then the code that you should copy and a page opens, and the top of this page there: OPENING: the address of your site ... You have to click on it and you see your shop, you can repeat this as many times as you want, it's more advisable to see if the images and text is centered!
Worry, I also started on the net!
Best regards.
Dj Jackee X.
Anonymous said ...
Thank for your response
Anonymous said ...
to go even faster you open your first shop with the address and then you do not close every time you want to see your changes you support F5 on your keyboard and it is updated.
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