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Quick question on the research area of our sites. this area only searches against item names. Is there a way for her research also in the description of the articles?
I sell toys and many customers search the brand and I am therefore obliged to include it in the name of my articles, which I then limit the number of characters.
do you have any info on this?
Thank you for your answers
Author : Gaelle
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Creation : 2011-02-11
Anony Mouse said ...
Good evening,
The search works like King, but there's a useful tip: search also works on the code section (or part thereof).
So if you change your item codes, including the first mark and then a number, it works, for example:
Your article PLU135 (Set Music Janod) could be coded JANOD135 and you'll have more space for the name. When searching on JANOD, the client will find this article and all the ones you've modified the code PLU JANOD.

No other simple solution, because the more complicated and less fun it is:
Direct the client to Google asking it to type followed by brand (with a space between), it will be a Google-like result without image and the risk of falling on your ads out site, as Amazon (which will cost you money).
Gaelle said ...
ok thank you for the tip of item codes. I try everything on.

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