I would like to create my online store, but I do not know how.
I have to work on my listing, but where do I start?
Some of you they have you paid for it?
If so what are the sites that you recommend, and what price should I expect?

Thank you in advance what will answer me.

Rony of
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Creation : 2011-11-16
piercing said ...
To let you know on the forums of the Internet, you must write the word forum in Google and you will find many

or as free ads

and you can create a facebook business

and word of mouth, too, is making small business card as, it's not expensive.

and you put in the shop, usually they do not say no or you can give to passers

I did it for 1 year and it worked. After if you're serious people talk about you or will you in the pub on their facebook and for me

I wish you good luck. The beginnings were hard, but when you are motivate it's work
Anonymous said ...
Thank you for your clarification. As for the cards I already distributes.
As for facebook I also created an account I do a little advertising from time to time but this is not a facebook business, I'll watch it more closely and forums I have to understand thank you again for your help.

I wish you a good luck too.
laeti said ...
SEO is a big jungle, for me too it is very hard.
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