It's been three months that the site is active. Since two months I have about 12 people a day who visit and I made 5 times (including two by knowledge). I often complimented on my products (which work well in private sales) and on the shop but sales remain subdued. I think there are improvements to the site. Can you help me?
I have not registered my products on price comparison. Is it really gives you a customer?
thank you for your criticism and advice.
Author : Armelle
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Creation : 2010-05-04
geny said ...
Bravo very well done site for me. Withregardtothe sales I just think that your articles relate to a particular clientele.

Try to advertise to people who like this style. Get your link so that new people go see. Word of mouth also works very well. Then it's a matter of time.

Anyway I really like Bravo.

If you want I am willing to exchange links with you.

Mylène said ...
Well your site is really very nice!
Nothing to say, clear pictures, beauty items, price is very affordable level, it's nice to go we would feel almost at home in a haven of peace.
So what could bell? At your site not much, it must indeed force a little rain ssur advertise and promote itself up in the forums or female creative facebbok page, myspace etc..
Canvass may be interior designers ... sign up on sites like littlemarket site for the sales of all kinds of creations.
In any case it eryrthema wonderful and one of the most successful sites I've seen so far on kingeshop.
Fair sales to you.
Delphine said ...
Hello Armelle

Geny as I think it's a very nice site, very well done, no problem:)

For sales, it's ad advertising of word of mouth and the patient, I sell much more by ebay private sale on the site but it took off slowly, more and more visits more and more sales.

Good sales:)


armelle said ...
Thank you girls for all these compliments. This is encouraging especially when we spent many hours in front of the screen.
On your advice I will continue to sow my seeds (with envy!) On the web to let me know.
But I'd like to have your opinion on the price comparison. Does this really boosts the number of visits and the number of sales??
Delf said ...
Hello Armelle

Comparators prices are more free.
For my part, it takes me back to daily visits and more sales.
We must not hesitate to use any solutions.
even if it does make you a sale a month is a sale that you would maybe not.

Delphine des bébés fringueurs
Ano-nym said ...
Site well done and enjoyable, fine products and cool, not too expensive.
I just think that you need patience, and continue to work and improve your store. A shop on the net it does not start in two months, if you've already made 3 sales from customers who are not around you is a good start!
Continue to advertise, try to improve your keywords in brief Boss ... and your sales will eventually take off because your products are original and seem good quality.
I wish you good continuation and lots and lots of sales.
Céline D. said ...
Hello Armelle

A few months ago you had asked here to review your site and like my colleagues,''''the top, I found your shop very successful, and wish to flirt undoubtedly doomed to success ...

Unfortunately, things have not been in the expected direction, and for good reason ...
Even if your shop is now certainly lovely, I think the real problem is that in reality nothing ever!

Three months later we are faced with a window always pretty, but sadly the same as it was when you have presented for the first time.
And it's much the same thing for content, no news, or at least nothing that is obvious.

Based on this observation, I think it is easy to understand that search engines are not attracted to your site and hence you have very few visitors in your shop.

I think you should redo your home page, try another site template (why not), change your banner, improve your logo is too pixelated, add new features into your products, create new sections.
It's work, but this is crucial to help you move.

You have taste, you can see with your creations, I think you're more than able to give a coat of paint to your shop and then these future changes, this will give you an argument for your campaigns.

I hope my tips will help you.

I wish you good luck.

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