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Hello everyone,

Not finding the answer to my question in the FAQ, I am writing to you hoping that someone can help me:)
In the modified static pages, can we change the size of photos that we include? if so, how?

In advance thank you!
Author : Helene
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Creation : 2010-08-06
KingEshop said ...
Hi Hélène,

Here's a question of our FAQ on the subject. If you follow this FAQ you will lose image quality :

It is better to create your image with the right size with image editing software like GIMP (free) and then insert this image in your shop.


KingEshop Team.
Anonymous said ...
Why KingEshop does not like many sites and does not include software that changes the images instantly after their own guidelines ... This would avoid the several hours to change our image and losing quality and time
Nid said ...

There is already a function to resize the image to where you insert images, you can even put a frame to your images. Please give yourself the trouble to read the faq.

Anonymous said ...
Hi Helene!
To resize your pictures in the home page or another page.
You go into my site you choose the location where you want to make you change, then you click the button SHIFT before placing your cursor over the picture here that is simlpe. I hope you resolve your problem.
When a nest you do not really answer his question and had to post such a message not just to use your fingers!
Hélène said ...
thank you to Sylvie and the others for your answers that helped me much:)
tex said ...
resize an image only takes 10 seconds and three clicks, and it's much better to make oneself because you get exactly what you want.
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