Requires good or bad opinions of my site
Hello everyone,

I need your opinion on my site.

Thank you
Author : Alain
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Creation : 2010-02-14
Gérard said ...
Hello Alain

Personally I am not too much to black!

I think that a lighter color would be welcome.

I think your pictures are too tight, try with 3 images per row.

chouette06 said ...
Good evening,

I'll say the same thing Gerard, I do not like black for a site and your photos are much too tight. Airs a bit I think it will be better.

Good continuation
Alain said ...
Thank you I appreciate your ruling. I'll address them as quickly as possible.
If you find another criticism, please. I take

Thank you
didie said ...
The color black does not bother me was the limit a dark blue but that's according to the tastes of everyone, and I like that picture reflects.
boogaloo said ...
I think you did a great job. the only thing I can tell you is the name of your shop, it must be returned in people's heads, then either you buy the domain name is you put the name of your shop in full know because if a customer comes into gale to order later, it will type what you'd write computer by adding tags. com and may not find you. Good day
Alain said ...
Thank you boogaloo is true that it is a name and extension referencing only by AOL does not help matters. He'll have to as I plunge into the hosting and the purchase of the domain name.

Didie thank you for the compliment (I take it that way) for the reflection effect.
I had a change of background and color several times for testing is not very successful but I am still looking.

Thank you again to you all
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