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Creation : 2009-09-29
moi55 said ...
there really Doudou hat! it is incredibly beautiful and well done your site!

by cons, I'm not very good before sending teddy by letter in an envelope right?
There are plastic bags suitable for items of clothing for e-commerce, still cheaper than cardboard boxes.

good continuation
Delphine said ...

where can I find those plastic sleeves please?

Anonymous said ...
thank you
yes in large brown envelopes with bubble wrap
May thank you for the trade-I do not know
moi55 said ...

I'm actually stumbled upon this site, I sent an email to have information detailing, like eg if they were big enough power to put jeans and a sweater in the same pocket.

immediate response, asking for my address to send me samples (I received in Qques days)

They come in all sizes, but beware, they are not bubbles. it's just very resistant pouches.
is in harryplast 'recyclable plastic envelopes'.
Delphine said ...
Thank you very much.

In fact, plushie, I visited your shop is great.
do you want a partnership?

Anonymous said ...
yes of course what is the course to follow
beautiful store delphine
Delphine said ...
Thank you for my shop.
I think we should turn the page link and put links to our sites.
but with logos ca be better.
Me, I do not and I do not know how to have a nice.

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