Question about google
hello like to know how to put my shop on google?
Is this a paid service or not?
because when I type the name of my shop that I do not understand something on the forum I get to my question
thank you for your reply
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ne1190 said ...
You do not put your store on Google or another search engine, it happens naturally.
And he still strongly advised to authenticate your site in Google, with the famous meta tag (google-site-verification) (I do not know about your shop) and the identification code that Google will provide you and once registered requested.
This code is sent to KingEshop (see their email and FAQs), he shall serve primarily to develop a plan Goggle AdWords advertising ddu type and then to see the stats from this pub, and eventually change it.

You have no keywords at a time when I write these words, this might seem normal to you if you have no product. BUT this is not normal, you need your keywords, even modify them to add later.
In your area, you better choose them well, because with the big online retailers that I will not name, will have to give you a place, having perhaps a special section a bit?
Start eg with the name of your entry (by the way, pay attention to spelling, I think leggings takes 2 G)

You have not completed the description of your site, or put any text on the home page.

For French law, other people will answer you because I am not in France (no Siret N or N CNIL required).

Good luck and good building for your e-shop
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