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I was wondering what is the box code that you must complete when creating a new product?
Is there a particular figure to wear? Or is it left to the whim of each? Does Play a role in optimizing Refence?

Thank you in advance.
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Creation : 2009-12-29
Alain said ...

The product code you used to differentiate one product from another, and it's easier to find a listing.
Modediscoun said ...
that is to say? What kind of listing?
because I put my product code by chance?

Thank you.
Modediscoun said ...
nobody knows?

Thank you
Alice said ...
The codes are used to avoid confusion between the products for customers. They should also help you manage your inventory (listings), to clarify the accounting (they appear in the bill), and make management (products that work best), they generally codifies that deals soon together by a computer is the easiest method rather than having lines of text that can generate faults and create bugs ...
Modediscoun said ...
Good evening,

Thank you for your reply very claire.Autrement said, there are no codes prédéfinis.Je can choose mine by my own logic?
Example I have 12 categories of produits.Mes codes are 4 digits are the digits on the position of the category and the latest figures in order of publication products in the category.

Thus, the 1st product that I publish in the 7th grade will be coded 7001.Le 3rd book published in the 12th class will be coded 1203.

Is this a good system?
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