Problem with the statics pages
I have a concern, I want to change the static pages but some do not want to delete the text that I put my text. could you advise me thank you in advance
Author : coralie
Readings : 602
Creation : 2011-11-21
olivier said ...
I think it is enough to go in the "static pages" in the left column,
there: the static pages published opens to the right.
by clicking the one you want to change .... it opens (if all okay)
when you click two times on the text, it will open in a new window or you can modify, delete, .... so tell us if it's solved!
san said ...
I have exactly the same problem, I have some texts that I can not delete or even move, I am very annoyed, I have to put images on it.
This problem is he going to be solved?
coralie said ...
I managed to integrate and delete what I wanted by refreshing the page every time I change something
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