Problem with blackspots FAQ
I tried to change the FAQ page but I don not come to erase the black spots in the examples. A point has disappeared, but when viewing the page, the dark spot is still there. Do I need some ointment for hot spots ??????
Author : david
Readings : 444
Creation : 2009-11-26
Anonymous said ...
same trouble for me I wanted to remove the black points in May I can not at all
KingEshop said ...
Hi David,

The points are images, you must delete them as mere images. Here's a question of our FAQ that will help you :


KingEshop Team.
bernardo said ...
found ...
In fact pointing to the point, it was the usual double-headed arrow that allows us to move objects, texts etc. ... only on the black spots, it nothing happens

So just
1) point to the black
2) when the arrow appears, especially do not click and get another 5 mm and there appears an arrow again and only then, you left click to move in now click or double click to open.
Anonymous said ...
me I can not even click on a dot to be able to remove
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