Problem to build my shop
hello everyone! I just opened my shop ...
I do not understand why the home page is always with televisions when I delete all other categories than mine?
then why on my items NO IMAGE is marked when I put the photos?
I then simulate the sales charges are not shown why?
ouahhhh I understand not much help me please!
Author : FLKKML
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Creation : 2009-09-20
Ni62 said ...

problems you meet are:

1) the fact that you have not registered your page when you did your layout,

2) once you have selected your image, then do not forget to download your image.

3) whether you put 1 price for your shipping cost when you created your paper in térritoitre, but if you do that if your client takes several items it will have shipping combined, or you created a class postage, voila do not panic when you have a little more accustomed to your site, it will go alone, take time to read the FAQ, there are answers for each of your questions.

At first it just takes a little patience ;-)
Anonymous said ...
I also can not remove teles? Can someone help Ni62 he gives us answers that page have not been registered I agree but how is it?
KingEshop said ...

Please see our FAQ, it contains all the necessary information to help you :


KingEshop Team.
Ni62 said ...

there are 2 solutions, to remove the TVs in your page the more simple your homepage is basically a default page template, then select empty page, or else suprime images one by one (it's much more long), but in both cases registered, otherwise your page will revert to default.

Whether your general page where you owe on it so click edit to save your configuration EACH data you enter, or your static pages and sections you must save everything you do, otherwise you will lose time repeat what you do later, because your changes are not taken into account if you just close your page.

Good luck ;-)
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