Problem of territories
Hello everyone

I am creating my shop on KingEshop (and long !!!!!! hihihi I'm a perfectionist and I know I saw a person who has his shop in 2 weeks!! me I've been here a while)

Here's my stupid question ........ when I get back my contact information which will be visible on the bill at state / provincial, I have only Alsace, the Isle of France and Lorraine .. ....... is there a way to put the other province or maybe I missed a setting before!

Here thank you for your patience to constantly rehashing the same thing!
Author : Céline
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Creation : 2010-02-25
Patricia said ...
Good evening

You must create the territories (in administration, my site, territories) by selecting Local all

Best regards
Céline said ...
I found all alone Where have the problem ...........
Anonymous said ...
same question
KingEshop said ...

The territories that you see are only examples, you must create your own territories. Here's a question that our FAQ will help you :


KingEshop Team.
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