Problem of blocked categories

I created 12 categories because it is an imperative for my site;
However, when I wanted to change, impossible.
Yet I have changed QLQ there 's time and there's no had any problems.

And so I told myself that by deleting the category and creating it again it will walk, and no! I lost my grades and my administrators that do not want to create another (after clicking create nothing appears).
I ended up with 10 categories, so as I need 12 more and I can not even change them to suit my needs.

Thank you in advance;

Author : Anonymous
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Creation : 2010-08-05
passionbijo said ...
Perhaps the maximum number of categories is ateint I do not know contact the customer support of both your session kingeshop encounter a flaw luck
cyril said ...
Good morning.
I had the same problem and I just deco and recce stinks and I continue to make category. :)
KingEshop said ...

You can create up to 50 categories and normally there is no problem. Please give us the address of your shop so that we can verify.


KingEshop Team.
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