Photos marching
for those interested, I managed to create images that pass or change it with paint.
is convenient when you want to show several models or colors of one article, especially that can put one photo per item!
you may already know, but hey, I just found the technique, and I'm happy. ca is pro:)
Author : moi55
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Creation : 2009-09-15
moi55 said ...
Sorry, I was wrong. This is not paint it but picture it!
Céline D. said ...
I want to see what happens.
Can you give us the address of your site to take a look?
Anonymous said ...
it is not yet online. But I find it a lot. That's why I wanted to share with you.

it will be ready within a week or two (I have not yet received all my packages:)
Jérôme said ...
Good evening,

when creating your account with KingEshop, your site is automatically in line, not referenced, necessarily, but already online!
So you can bare to address your site now. If you are afraid to receive commands when your site is not completed or that you did not receive all your products, just off the cart. Thus, no one can place an order.

best regards,

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