Photo not visible
I insert the pictures of my products but when I go on the site, there is no picture to see the product and I must click on product details for view the photo of the product.

Who can help me?

thank you
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Creation : 2012-06-21
Anonymous said ...
This is because you have to put a small image for the product, on the product sheet, there are the big and small image, you have to put a image for both.
Anonymous said ...
Thank you very much! I thought that I have to add a large photo or a small photo.
Thank you for the information. It works finally.
Anonymous said ...
I put bouth fotoes and small and big and they do not appear
Anonymous said ...
read this :
Anonymous said ...
Hello, i inserted both small photoes and big photoes but my picture do not appear on the site.I can not delete televisions from my site...
Anonymous said ...
read this :

and this :
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