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Hello to you all,

I intend to create a personalized header relating to the sale of tissues.
I know he must follow the format 900 X 93 pixels or flasch JPEG, but I do not know how to insert this banner which is obviously not what is proposed and it suffices to choose. Thank you for the solution.
Author : Charles
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Creation : 2009-12-02
Delphine said ...
Once your banner is made, contact KingEshop.
It is they who will put in place.
Alain said ...
For the banner is misery, you can not do much. as you said, it must meet the 900 X 93 for the set, she gets a place of the logo and you put the board at 0. And your creation may exceed the 20K and good luck is that the GIF or JPEG.
I wanted to make one, simple, a gradient fill black and blue, 2 small images and 1 text effect with reflection. I while jpeg weight of 80K created and falling quality to maximum (very very bad image) I get a 35K.
So unworkable.
Elo0174 said ...
Wrong! You can make a custom banner, rich and beautiful for less than 20 K.
Use Irfanview software. It can compress the size of your images without significantly reducing quality.
On my banner, I have several small images and text. I do everything in Photoshop and then I went to Irfanview.

Otherwise, you can put your banner directly, no need to disturb KeS! You choose a custom header WHITE (Miscellaneous Products) then you place your banner in the logo section.
Anonymous said ...
Could you provide the address of your site Elo000174?
sandrine said ...
Same for me, banner made with photoshop and reduced to 20K in photoshop with the tool also register for the web. But this is sport. Loss of quality as ...
Elo0174 said ...
No sorry, I did not intentionally put to prevent Internet users fall in this forum instead of my site (not pro) but I can send you the name of my site by email if you want.
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