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Hello everyone, I'm new to KingEshop and want to know what the wait time (after sending the information necessary for the host to kigeshop) for my shop my password under my domain my
Is that if I make a link to a static page article with my site.kingeshop / article. These links will automatically transformed it into my / section?
thank you for your responses.
Author : niwa
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Creation : 2010-01-28
Anonymous said ...
I waited about 24H after sending the info to KingEshop.
For the second question, I do not know.
cherokee said ...
goodnight Niwa,
For my part, the waiting time was very fast: ie approximately 2 hours.
I had the same fear on the relationship and not worry everything works as you created it.
KingEshop did a great job.
Be reassured!
There is always answered by the FAQ on the forum
good luck for your site
niwa said ...
Thank you for your responses Cherokee and anonymous.
But for me its going to 4 days tomorrow, I may be too impatient, but I am not alone and I know that the team KingEshop done a good job.
Cherokee said ...
4 days is too long: there must be a problem .... contact KingEshop ( whether any information has been sent!
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