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Author : eric
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Creation : 2011-05-03
Shlomo said ...
What do you sell?
eric said ...
Soft toys
cremecaviar said ...
cool site but not surprising for the lack of sales. Your product names (as products) are all the same in each category. Google will penalize you and the buyers are not likely to find you in google if each product in the same name. There is an urgent need to improve your credentials.
François B said ...
Hello Eric,
the super cuddly and number of referrals!

The concept is excellent and prices correct but the concern seems more in the graphical presentation of the shop which is not really appealing to parents.
Colors? Too many colors purple and pink ...
Tremendous work has been done on the home page (placement of too many items) but for a video output means.
Why the black background that serves systematic picture comforters?

Good luck in Aix
eric said ...
Thank you for all the constructive remark
For photos I take them and I do not really given white
Thank you and good sales to all ..........
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