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If you buy a product on my site, I do not receive mail informing me that an order has been made, and the person who buys does not receive confirmation of order: Is it possible to set this up or not ??
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Author : Emilie
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Creation : 2010-01-25
Delphine said ...
Hello Emilie,

is to send you a confirmation email (although it is a little bump! KingEshop we put an inordinate amount of existing service and FREE!)
For sales, like, this must go to his admin.
the only way to be warned that if the client goes through paypal.
a said ...
It is ours to prevent the customer and connects us to see if there is a new command.
Anonymous said ...
Maybe he should create a file that is complete in As. So this file completed with details of customer, product references, etc. will only have to be sent by email. The same can also keep track, because the archive control etc. I think are mandatory.
Emilie said ...
it's a shame, it would be better to consider. I find it awfully well in any case!
Thank you for your answers ...
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