Options on the products
is he a model to textile items, and then display a choice of size and color of the product to order?
thank you .
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Creation : 2009-10-23
Nono said ...
yes, indeed it is in options. I had misunderstood and set initially: size, color, model ..
but there must be: 1 year size, size 2 years ... each time with a comma.
Then you'll see in a window box on your site. Can I clear?
but I do not know how it goes qnd we have several options ... who knows?
Otherwise, we must try ...
Anonymous said ...
must do the same, that is to say, always in the same option but metttant example:

Size1 Green Size2 Green Size1 Blue, Size2 Blue .... always on the same line
Anonymous said ...
Thank you for your answers!
Yes Nono, it was very clear, awesome!
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