Opinions or ideas?

I would like you to give me your opinion on my shop.
Of course I accept all criticism and all help is welcome.

Thank you!

Author : Rongeurs
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Creation : 2011-01-16
KAGOUN said ...
Hello, I found your site well done and quite comprehensive, complete information is sufficient, your cgv not too long and your prices seem very acceptable

I think you're on a very good way!

good luck and excellent sales

SF said ...
Here is a very nice site (with 2 gerbils everything is explained! LOL).
* colorful, beautiful pictures,
* well detailed product descriptions,
* cat very original idea,
* cool topics.
* images of the home that I find too glued to each other: we do not really know where to click.
* attention to the spelling mistakes (eg heading plants and their benefits line 3 - quen transformen in to that)
* brown color: can be make it less dark brown or beige would be nicer visually.
That's what I can say for now: I hope you do not have wrinkles.
It is true that we have so much inside the head that sometimes you do not see any!
Good luck and good sales.
Shopping said ...
Great job!

You do not have much sleep yesterday ... :)

But I shift a chouille right image forbidden, you do not accept it as payment? Also loosen the conditions of sale.

For the number cnil, center it on your homepage. The block image speaks more, but stagger the chouille a slight to the right.

So well done if not, my advice has paid off ... :) I am not mistaken your banner, there was much grain on the image ...

Keep it up.

Rongeurs said ...
Thank you for your valuable advice and of course I followed!

I put spaces on the block image and it is true that this makes much better!
I also changed the color of the menu (there are not many choices by the way) and I think the color choice is better than the other.
Thank you very much for your advice.
If you see other things and do not hesitate if you need tips, advice or support for your site, do not worry: o)
Shopping said ...
Hello again

It's not just the color you have changed is squarely the graphical model, and it is true that I was the same in Parma before the change I just realized last week .

We still have a point to work on our respective websites: FAQ.

Any takers: What are the answers you find love with a click of the mouse when you visit a website?

Rongeurs said ...
Other people?
Anonymous said ...
On your site, it is perfect lol.

For the rest, wait ... a little ... :)

Good day.
Rongeurs said ...
For what remains?

Thank you anyway
Mylène said ...

I just go visit.
I did not know anything in terms of rodents, but in any case very nice site here!
I wish you great sales!

Anonymous said ...
The opinion issued by shopping :)
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