Opinions on site and display items for sale

I would like an opinion on my e-shop as a whole as well as items for sale.

Due to recent kingeshop me, I changed pretty much the layout of my home and the items offered but I do not know if it is suitable for sale.

Is it possible to have opinions whether positive or negative,

Thank you very much
Author : Cindy
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Creation : 2010-05-28
SergeD said ...
I already gave my opinion on your site a few weeks ago, I still think you should put pictures of your creations on the homepage with a link to the product description and price, as the first customer thing I want to see on a site is the product line images that can offer me, you have produced lovely show them right away.
Anonymous said ...
You should post a picture for gift certificates for future reference!
Yvon said ...
Good evening

In the section Lolita fashion history, the last sentence at the bottom is badly framed (overlap).

For info

Patricia said ...

I also give you back my opinion, and as SergeD I repeat that a few of your articles home page would even want to browse your site (which is very beautiful and nice)

Cindy said ...
Thank you very much for your comments.

Serge D, I'll change the homepage to highlight the proposed designs, at least feel like visiting the pages. This is a very good advice!

Yvon, for the history of Lolita, I can not find the problem .. The last sentence does not overlap .. I'll be more careful for the purpose of sentence, thank you.

For gift certificates, I am in the realization of illustration for this category but it takes a long time .. Maybe should cache it for the moment the gift certificates?

Patricia thank you, thank you for your nice comment ..

- Find clothing that you are easily visible?
It's quite tricky to navigate with the lack of space on the image ..

- Should accessory to a page or leave them in categories headlights?

Thank you again for your help,
ckarine75 said ...
Good evening
I agree the product images on the home page are more important that I find pictures of your items within categories are somewhat smaller and therefore hardly visible. Otherwise I think they are very beautiful products and the site as a whole is not bad.

Good continuation and especially good sales

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