Opinions and criticism
Hello everybody!

Can you give me your opinions and criticisms so that I can improve my site?
I already had a lot of orders, customers are satisfied, but would like your opinion;)
Thank you all :-)
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Creation : 2010-05-21
molly said ...
It would give us the address of your shop!
Anonymous said ...
without your site is hard to judge lol
ANGELS PARA said ...
Sorry! lol
here is my site www.angelsparadise.fr;)
SergeD said ...
I like the homepage, you can add your logo in the header of the site, I mostly watched the man produced some photos are not top including swimsuits, it lacks the compositions on shoes what is a brake on sale, swimwear man group, have believed that T-shirts or tank tops, turn rather Bath man. Watch your partner links, it must be related to your business.
vtu2noir said ...
Hello angel para,

For my part I will try to review some of the categories on the left is a little clutter
either classify all categories then the categories man or woman is better kind lingerie store lingerie women below human or screws to it, like to guess

if the pictures are not too bad can be a be careful removing the plastic kind for removable straps in the accessories category for such silicone padding, or is it too can at least take it out on a plain background for such silicone bras, the trick is that you do not realize the product.

If the shoe man ale ale ale, me Me I like it not at all see the legs on the pictures, just maybe it is only my opinion to do with the other person will tell you what they think the same for Women's shoes while he has some y'en that pleases me in a sexy shoe that makes the pro love.

Few also be a review categories costume can be changed in disguise I was really expecting to see the costumes.

Also damage to the categories Livia Corsetti and beauty that night are empty. it's a shame, I preferred to see the articles offer a view leaves BREAKING like some article that I can at least know what I can find it.

If positive in a wide choice of original articles, although, not too expensive, a shop well built.

PS: I was forgotten, may be to revisit the home page and the image that overlaps on the topic name or exceeds the page.

I'll have a quick question or directories you submit banner at the bottom of our homepage you good references? I saw some site that offer to do this but I did not dare ...



ANGELS PARA said ...
thank you to you for your advice;)
vtu2noir the referenced sites are well yes I have a lot of connections:)
ANGELS PARA said ...
By cons I'd like to create my own website header, I downloaded photoshop but I can not, can someone help me?
Thank you;)
vtu2noir said ...
Ok thank you for your answer, I'll probably see AC as soon as I have a little time.
I saw that you have followed a few of my tips for the order in your category. AC is better right away.

Ps if you ever wanted to criticize mine I'm open I expect AC to progress.

good day.


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christel said ...

when I go to your site, I have a big white and lower the text welcome ...., why this white, is it only on my computer, because nobody know! in addition the text overlaps.

For men's shoes, the legs is not that great.

750.70 euros a pair of women's shoes that is the price?

Neither do I. I've never come to put my personal logo if you have the answer ...'m interested too.

Phil said ...
Hello I just saw your site and aside from missing the logo, for that is really cool and fun, just a question where did you find the icons at the bottom right as paypal payment that moves, and collissimo Shipping and how you have inserted your cover pages
I thank you for information about the lock up
Anonymous said ...
For the header attempt to Publisher
is very simple
ANGELS PARA said ...
thank you all for your coms;)
Chrystel I do not understand what white, I did not ... But I have said several times that the site saying beuguer log back in 2 minutes (in English)???
I'm also redo my pictures of shoes and 750 for the pair is the price so they are entirely in Swarovski crystal are very expensive but very nice and my room is small but they are worth seeing ...
Phil, I found the logos on the internet http://www.iconfinder.com/free_icons/?ultimate
you to insert them in your admin, my web site, static pages, and then you edit your home page by clicking on the image icon in the upper right and you put it ...

Good day to all
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