Opinion on my website

Can you please give me your opinion / advice to improve my website?
E-shop: http://www.europaz.kingeshop.com
attached to my website: http://www.europaz.fr
Thank you in advance for your valuable advice!
For over a month since my e-shop has been created and I have not received any order ... There may be a problem ...? I have visitors but no one goes to the purchase.


Author : AZ
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Creation : 2011-01-20
Nat said ...
Good evening,
Your site is very well done europaz.fr,
Kes on your shop, I will summarize by saying that pictures speak louder than words, your home contains only text (and many), put pictures of your products and link to each photo.
For some products, sales happen quickly. For others it's longer!
Patience and hard work on your shop and sales will follow!
Regards, Nat
AZ said ...
Thank you very much for your valuable advice!
I have applied, and indeed, I think it's much better.
Shopping said ...
The Blue of the graphic on your site, hurts the eyes.

You should try to put another blue, or another color.

Good evening
SF said ...
Good evening,
Your products are very interesting.
I think we should persevere and communicate about products.
Attention to the text of your products.
On the profile, with a lot of simple sentence: be very careful about the wording. The idea of the video is nice, for cons for the kit I found soda (Me) a bit long.
Jerky video but that it may be due to my connection LOL.
I also would add frames. For products in our shop, I had not done at baseline and on the advice of Chti I've built, it is immediately more finished.
Courage sales will come soon ...
Anonymous said ...
Not enough products in the store.
The visitor strolled from one site to another for anti-scale solutions, but I think this is not the main purpose of the shop, since there is no price possible without prior estimate.
For aerated waters, prices are competitive, but it lacks the syrups, which generally people want;-)
Successful Selling
AZ said ...
Thank you all for your advice!
I'll try to be sensitive.
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